Work permit scam.

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The sole purpose of these entries is to allows Google to index key words used in these scams. Know that the scammers often change email addresses, names, and other wording. It it meaningless who or where the message came from. They are all fake. What is important is to recognize a pattern and to learn how things really work so you recognize when you get an offer that is so far out of the norm that you immediately recognize it's a scam.

Hello there,

My name is Justin Jones the US representative for Mandi Lennard Publicity Ltd UK,we just had a successful spell at The London Fashion Week that was held in February 2010.
You can go to and click on designers to confirm we were part of the Designers.
We have been hired by "Love and Money" who where also part of the London Fashion Week.
Our team of recruiters saw your portfolio on Model Mayhem which is why you are getting this email.
Love and Money are looking to have a print photo shoot done and are looking for us to help them bring in foreign models for the event.
We'll also be looking at certain models who we will be bringing back for the next London Fashion Week.
Also we'll be using this project to launch a new glamor line collection for Love and Money's new designer Dakin Peach.
The event will be held in London UK and you'll be paid £1000 each day for 4 days,which will bring it to a total of £4000.
We are going to be commencing shooting on the 5th of May 2010 to the 9th of May 2010.
We'll be helping you get all necessary entry and work requirement to facilitate your coming and working for us under UK law.
We'll also be funding your flight to London UK for the event and you are allowed to bring an escort with you.
We are going to be having a conference dinner of the final night of the event where you'll get to meet the sponsors and other behind the scenes investors.
We'll also be choosing the best model of the whole event who will be our premium model.
Do get back to me if you are interested or require more details.


Justin Jones

The photo shoot is a glamor one with no form of nudity whatsoever.
We'll be fixing your entry and working requirements.
You are allowed to bring an escort with you(all expense on the company),we'll need the escort's full details and both of your preferences for flight seats,hotel rooms,e.t.c
I'll need you to send me the following details to open a file for you:
Full name,address,phone number(home & cell) and the name of the closest international airport to you.
I'll also need your sizes and measurements.
These details will be used to open a file for you and have your Personal Model identification number issued.

Do get these details sent to me swiftly.

Best wishes!!

What i meant by fixing your entry and working requirements are necessary legal documents that will allow you work here legally since you are a foreigner.

Your details have been sent to the relevant department and has also been forwarded to the immigration database here in the UK so they can cross reference it with your entry documents when you enter London.

You'll need a work permit to work in the UK legally and we as your employers will be filing for you under UK laws.

The normal service for the work permit takes 8 weeks and cost around £350 but that service takes 8 weeks and might require you undergoing an interview and you might still be denied so we use the expedited process which will get processed in 5 business,without interview and with a 100% guarantee that you'll get it.

The expedited service cost £875,you'll be reimbursed this fee when you arrive in London UK and you could request for half of your pay 24 hours after you pay this fee since the UK law states that Any Intended employee(foreign or domestic) whose work permit process has been initiated by the sponsoring company expeditiously can request for half of his/her pay before actually taking up the position

Here is a link from the home office confirming you need a work permit and that your employers must file for you: … holders#Q4

Do get back to me on how you wish to proceed.


You are a foreigner coming to work in the UK,due to the high rate of unemployment in the UK every foreign employee is required to fund the permit process themselves.

Since you are coming to earn money here in the UK,its not mandatory that you fund the process through your employers and also have proof of payment(which will be the receipt) as the immigration officers will need to see this before you are allowe dto enter the UK.

We are only reimbursing as a sign of good faith plus you can request for half of your pay 24 hours after you have paid the work permit fee.

We are also aware that there are fraud online but those are the check frauds,we are not fraudsters and we'll not bring any models to London UK illegally as we don't want to get into trouble with the immigration or border agency.

We could even even lose our license if they find out we didn't go through the normal procedure of bringing a foreign employee here.

If you cant pay for your permit process we wont be able to hire you....I apologize for the inconvenience but we are bound by these rules.

Do get back to me on how you wish to proceed.


We are looking for models/actors/actresses and crews for an advertisement that we will be doing to showcase the difference between New Zealand fashion and design (clothing and shoes), from those of others around the world. We are doing this to try and boom and rejuvenate the passion for the fashion industry in New Zealand and to also show what strides designers in New Zealand are already making. We are also doing this to launch our new clothing line 'Le Vine' into the New Zealand market.
Payment for Participation is 15, 000 Dollars and there will be fun, food, experience & international exposure.
The feature Ad is aimed at International co-operations, film festivals and cultural display and to show that New Zealand has a truly wonderful and exciting fashion industry and unique designs inspired by the 'kiwi' ingenuity and our clothing line will add to this.

We are writing to you because we need someone from your culture to participate in this great commercial. You will be paid 15, 000 Dollars and you will get the chance to meet different people from other countries who will participate in the Advertisement.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Production Language: English (We we also make use of other language you can speak)

Mode of payment: You will receive half of the money before the shooting in New Zealand.

Note that your total payment is 18, 000 Dollars but 20% will be cut to cover travel, travel insurance, your food and accommodation.

Rehearsals: August - September 2012

Shooting: August - September 2012

This project will last for 3 weeks.

Experience is not a must.

If you are interested, reply to us as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Josh Raymond Jr.

Le Vine Corporation
Josh Raymond Jr.
Email: [email protected]


Dear sucker,

I am glad to hear from you and happy you are ready to participate in this great New Zealand Advertisement.
I am contacting you again because the photos that I have seen of you, I was drawn to your beautiful physique and your invention of postures, therefore I am willing to give you an opportunity of a life time. This is a chance for you to have International exposure and fame. We hired an agency that helped us to assess models portfolios. They gathered information from many sources. They chose you and now we are just waiting for the approval to include your from our director

These are the details:

Location: New Zealand.

Payment/compensation: 15,000 Dollars with accommodation, food and transport provided for.
Note that the total payment is 18, 000 Dollars but 20% will be cut to cover travel, travel insurance, food and accommodation.

The project will last for 3 weeks. In the first week the models will be doing a fashion shoot and displaying whats new in the fashion world over here, they call it 'upcycling'. That is the inpiration for our new label. In the second week they will be preparing for a runway display. The third week is dedicated to the advertisement that will be displaying the journey a fashion designer goes through and how New Zealand is unique in their approach to design.

Company in charge: Le Vine Corporation. We are a cloth retailing company and one of the newest, but fastest growing fashion design and marketing studios, Shopping outlets in the world.

We are a newly established retail outlet store. We began our operation in December of 2009 and now have outlets in major shopping centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand. We currently market high end designer products, but are wanting to expand into designing our own clothes under the clothing line Le Vine. We will begin in the country we owe so much to, New Zealand, land of the long white cloud, and abundant opportunities for growth.

We are a company that heavily believes in going green in all aspects of fashion and design and most of our products that we source are made from organic materials. Our styles are funky, sharp, fun and fresh.

We currently market women's and men's designer collection apparel and a range of other products. We will be manufacturing our own clothing line which will be marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements. Brands/lifestyles will include Le Vine Collection, Le Vine Jeans and Le Vine Underwear. Product lines under the various Le Vine brands include apparel, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, hosiery, socks, swimwear, belts, eyewear, watches, jewelry, coats, suits and fragrances, as well as products for the home.

I need you to fill in the attached form and return it back to me with a copy of your International Passport or Identity card as soon as possible as these are what my executive manager will see in order for him to confirm your eligibility to participate in this event. Please ensure you provide your complete mailing address, because we will need it for your documentation if and/or when you are selected as one of the participants. If you are selected as one of the models we will send your contract.

Write to me as soon as possible including the necessary information, as we have limited time.

Thank you,

Josh Raymond Jr.

Le Vine Corporation
Michelle Scott
Email: ser[email protected]

Dear sucker,

I would like to inform you that you have been selected as one of the models who will participate in this event.

We have hired an immigration Advisor and he will fill the visa forms for a talent visa (work category). We have attached the work visa forms and need you to start filling sections A, B and R. The immigration Advisor has already filled the Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Sponsorship Form. You will need to send the form, along with two passport photos (white background 3.5 by 4.5 cm) and a certified copy of your passport to the immigration Advisor. The event starts on the 6th of August. The company is your 'sponsor'. You are coming under the talent visa.
You must send the form to the Immigration Advisor today or tomorrow. The Immigration Advisor will fill the rest of the form and submit it with other necessary documents.
We will transfer the money for your Air Ticket to the Immigration Advisor's account to enble him get your ticket.

This is the Immigration Advisor's email:

Email: [email protected]
Name: Matthew Keagin

Get back to us as soon as you send the form to the Immigration advisor and keep updating us after every communication you have with the Immigration Advisor. We will send all the neccessary payments to the Immigration Advisor.

Thank you,

Michelle Scott
Secretary to Josh Raymond Jr.