Random ramblings to newbie Model Mayhem models from someone who don’t know Jack

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Read http://www.newmodels.com twice. The book is available at Amazon. Then read this.

  • Don’t be an idiot. Remove all email addresses, AIM, MSN, and YM addresses from your profile or you will be bombarded with scam artists who want to do “webcam interviews” with you. You will be asked to get naked and your “interview” will end up on an amateur porn site.
  • No one will send you random unsolicited job offers to fly you to their State or Country with all expenses paid upfront. You are just not that hot. You need to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. If you are under 5′ 9″ living in a small market, you will not be offered high paying jobs to do non nude work. What is a high paying job? Any jobs that got your attention. The best way to avoid a scam is to learn how models are hired so you can spot bogus offers. This is NOT how models are hired:
  • How to spot a scam in two words: If you get a message that reads “Dear model”. That’s a scam. End of story.
  • Random offers from people you have never heard of using free emails accounts but claiming to be from an established company.
  • Prepaid jobs with cashier’s check asking you to wire back money. You are not hot enough to be prepaid and businesses do not do business using Western Union.
  • Any jobs offering to pay for you to travel from a smaller market to a larger market. Do you really think London has run out of models so they have to hire you from Iowa?
  • Any promises to get you into any major magazines or model for any designers you recognize.

Now go read this twice and save yourself some money. You can also check here for common scams perpetrated on the modeling and photography community.

  • Never post any self portraits or mirror pictures in your portfolio. It cost less than $20 and less than one week to get basic shots with a disposable camera. These are four must have basic pictures if you don’t have professional pictures. 1. Headshot-smiling 2. Headshot-not smiling 3. Half body shot in tight fitting clothes 4. Full body shot in a 2 piece swimsuit or swim trunks if male. Use minimal or no makeup with your hair tied back. Do not pose. Do not shoot from above. Stand against a white background outdoors in the shade if possible. Look here for some examples used by Elite.