Creating a watermark for your photos using Photoshop

Photographer often have the need to watermark images for various reasons. Sometimes it’s branding while other times it may be to embed a copyright notice. The problem with just embedding plain text is that the text will sometimes blend into the background making it unreadable. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a text watermark that can be read on any background.

First decide on the design of your watermark. It should be readable but not overwhelm the photo. Keeping in mind the color of your watermark, choose another color that will not blend with your watermark. So if your watermark does not contain blue, make the background in your file blue. This step is only required to make it easier to see your watermark design. This background layer will be deleted later. Click on the background layer and the color picker will pop up. Choose an contrasting color. It does not matter what color.

    Create a new file (CTRL-N) and call it watermark. Use a dimension that will more than fit your deign. You can always crop it later. Make sure the background content is changed to ‘background color’ and the color profile is set to sRGB. The resolution (ppi) of this image must also match the ppi of your photos or it will not scale right. Change it here if required. (This is one rare instance where ppi does make a difference in web images)