Creating Web 2.0 Logos

WEB 2.0 is a term used to describe a trend in web design that emphasis creativity, information sharing, and community in the form of user contributed content and collaboration among users. While there is no official definition of the term WEB 2.0, the term is usually associated with social networking sites, wikis, blogs, and user voted content sites. Some notably players in the WEB 2.0 sphere include Myspace, Facebook as examples of social networking sites. User contributed content sites include Youtube, Fatwallet, and Slickdeals. There are also a category of sites such as Digg, Reddit,, and Technorati who leverage the power of collective thinking and present content that is popular among its users.

WEB 2.0 sites are often open, friendly in appearance, and utilize a simple design. Logos and fonts use bright, cheerful colors with large, bold type. WEB 2.0 logos rarely use serif fonts and often rely on rounded fonts such as Arial Rounded in the case of Myspace, Alternate Gothic for Youtube, Frutiger for Flickr, and Neo Sans for Technorati. Gone are the days of hideous drop shadows fonts, diffuse glow effects, and texture fills fonts. For a sample of WEB 2.0 logos, check out Ludwid Gatzke’s compilation of over 400 logos here.

Web 2.0 logos