How to embed swf (shockwave) files into WordPress

I’ve been using a handy free application from ANVSOFT called Flash Slide Show Maker to create flash movies of my pictures to run as slide shows on my MySpace account. It’s simple to use and best of all, it’s free. The free version adds a single slide at the end of the show with the name of the company and a link. It’s not as intrusive as many of the other free apps out there. The app creates a swf file and the corresponding code you need to embed into MySpace. Everything worked great until I tried to embed the movie into my WordPress blog. No matter what I did, it would just reformat the code. WordPress does not need anything special to embed swf files at all. But you do have to insert the code in the HTML tab instead of the Visual tab. If you insert it in the Visual tab, WordPress will attempt to reformat it and it will not work. Now you can simply enter the embed code and everything works just like this.